Hi everybody!
My late concerns nurrish from thinking at the way the military are shaping the world in current times and my preoccupations become stronger when i realize that any cruel intention of taking control of the future, could not have been so improvident to forget to forge and condition the human personality, readapting children’s individual brain – as school does and always did – and developing collective memories and myths.
I spent the last months looking around what is going on in the internet – though i also made something else in the while -, in search of somebody working on education, and the almost 90% of what i got, is coming from non profit organizations, head-quartered above the equator… and they all come from the main and the biggest college schools in the anglophon side of the world – except for some african countries (that are supposedly losing their local heritage, now under the strike of infiltrating telecommunications, geared to design a sort of Global Citizenship).
I am very much worried about what is left aside.
What about the minorities? What about the latin or slavic speech countries?
Are they also going to be in some way absorbed in the e-learning, web-based, knowledge global market? Would’nt they have the right to be left alone in their maybe anachronistic, asyncronic but authentic life-styles?

The fagocitating power of comunication wich UK and USA behold does’nt seem to me matching perfectly with the idea of dialogue, for the simple reason that the so called “emerging economies” (India, South Africa, Brasil, China and others) are, at the present time, still subjugated under the strain of necessity and, moreover, because they are not in the position to treat and deal as peers with hard international settlers, as the NGOs, operating across the world.
Nations, actually, are being beset by the corporate investment dinosaurs, dressed in a friendly and democratic suit. Remember the Google quote: “dont’be evil!”? Do you think that was seriously accountable? There’s plenty of such good-looking philosophy in the global education projects, but it’s no more than a “focusing illusion”.
It is my firm decision to testify for this claims, posting on this blog, from time to time, all the clues that i find.
I will help you to see the weak points of the mainstream, in order to foster people’s doubts.
Since my personal long term experience in philosophical studies, i consider my self a heir of the once well known “School of suspicion” and a disciple of the less and less known “dim thinking”.

Stay tuned, guys!

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