It’s not a surprise if the core elements of the western public administrations are slowly being dismantled, as for public education, in a similar way with the health care system, or the public tansportation: it’s a clear trend that will change the face of reality, from a top-down to a bottom-up organization model.

Single private institutions provide, often at the same time, teaching products and social care intervention in risky settings, like disadvantaged youth or incarcerated youth.

In future democracies, almost all activities – except, hopefully, the use of violence for security and detention – shall be disposables on the market: self organized connections between citizens and associations shall grow and integrate their offers, plunging into competition.

Until that day, watch for these traces left by organizations leading in the education market. They go from the simplest classic telesminars and e-learning platforms, until the more complete support for peer-to-peer learning. Some are online tools for teachers that whish to flip their classroom. Some are designed focusing on the student’s need, as for the 1-to-1 market, pushing further in the direction of a mass-customization of education.

«…Out of the classroom!» – the professor said.





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