Here are some point that i wish to share, reflections meant to be a sort of problematization of the educational-informational complex.
•) Music industries and marketing are the battering ram to conquer youth’s confidence.
E.g., when i first once bought a CD – in those early years, it must have been a tape -, that was the day i failed. Thenceforth, selling something to me has always became easier. Beacause i made a terrible thing, i confess, i payed for my dreams. I may ask myself what else would it be, that silly piece of plastic, without my day-dreamings; even though the right question is how else could have been my dreams without that stupid soundtrack.
•) Forecasting collective sensitivity employing audio-visual esthetics.
E.g., the argument of climate change on large scale was first submitted to the peoples via the cinematography industries. Recall yourself the amount of Hollywood movies talking about catastrophies (should i attach a critical history of the genre?) and staging “end-of-the-world” situations, most of them concerning natural disasters. Put together this memories of your boyhood (if you’re over 30), within the realistic, effective and, in a certain part, yet proved and documented experiments going on in the atmosphere today. It looks like a teaser advertising a little? Thus they trained us to the worst case scenario, attempting to prevent a lack of comprehension or a not needed refusal reaction.

•) Ethical significance of linking the true to the false.
A fundamental technic of information manipulation, in regard to both the mediatic sphere and the public education system, is the mixture between real and artificial, the formula of a fatal venom for knowledge.
E.g., at Italian schools they told me that Rome was founded by Romolo, as a consequence of having been nursed by a she-wolf and having killed his brother Remo. So it is the legend, but, this is the point, the teacher told it to us during the history hour, in a juxtapposition of history and tale. I’m not saying that i did’nt want to hear storys and legandary tales, but what could happend if, for instance, the tale of Venus’s birth may be teached in a Biology class lesson? Kids would’nt  sure be convinced that cutting the balls of their fathers causes the generation of wonderful women, but something like a subtle mystification will begin to penetrate into their thoughts. They will be learning to play double cross.
As a matter of fact, in the classroom, we were suspending our doubts, just because of professor’s voice and geisture’s allure, pretty much as in a theatre.
This is another example: when you go to cinema watching a recent Disney-Pixar animation movie (it’s no more cartoon, it now became computer graphic imagery), you confront yourself with the same lethal mixture of true and false, poisoning your ability to discriminate and distinguish, not only during the time of the show, but worst, for the rest of the time of your lives. Clearly what you’re facing is draw lines and sketched profiles of reality. However, the producers have found a new direction, through a weird device wich captures outline’s modification of a real actor’s face and transposes them into the computer imaging software; the result is a fake person’s face moving with the expressions of a real one.
You can hardly notice it if you previously don’t know it, the only thing you perceive is a nauseating sense of deludent mockery; personally, i was caught by a tremendous attack of nostalgia for all those creepy Snow Whites and Cinderellas, so old-fashioned.
But… wait a minute… what am i doing? I’m almost moving to cry for the good old Disney’s pictures? This means they were already on the way to “colonize my unconscious”.

…cheers guys!
Or, better said: «That’s all, folks!»

So, what is education?

Is it perhapps a thing like a channel whereby ideas physically pass through one mind to another one? Or is it rather similar to the process wich Plato mentioned with the term “maieutic”? He beleived that a trainer, a teacher, should be more close to a midwife, an obstetric, solely engaged in helping his interlocutor to bring to birth his own reasonings and convinctions. Similar facilitating process often occurs in life: in love stories, friendship, family relationship; that is to say, in private more easily than in public contexts, like schools.
Why is frequently considered education as a doctrine, while love or friendship are segregated to an alleged irrational part of the mind? There is a prompt explanation for that: all countries have grown in the way as they’re known today, thanks to the nations effort in building up a particular awareness, basically structured upon the respect of common laws and State authority. Nevertheless, solidarity was encouraged, participation should have been continuously invoked. Before the republic, it was’nt so; again, tomorrow this is going to change.
Difference is: who is now in charge of the powerful operation of thought reform and self-consciousness restyling.
That is the question: is there an aim to change the world? And if it’s so, in wich direction?
Which is the real purpose, behind the assignment to “save the world”, of these international philanthro-capitalist networks?
Some of them are sponsored, in the bargain, by the same leading universities, foundations and institutions that have being cranking out tons of unscrupulous executives of felon corporations and corrupted politicians, in a ruthless planetary gold rush, for decades!
Well then, frankly speaking, even the aim of producing a change just in a tiny little part of the existence, sounds to me bad. I would imagine the defense of what we already have, the respect of the goods of wich we’re still owners, is foremost urgent to be teached instead of the discovery of the presumed science’s new frontiers, that seems to me like a wild west attitude, good for gringos, but not for us.

Tx 4 attention & keep standing!

Hi everybody!
My late concerns nurrish from thinking at the way the military are shaping the world in current times and my preoccupations become stronger when i realize that any cruel intention of taking control of the future, could not have been so improvident to forget to forge and condition the human personality, readapting children’s individual brain – as school does and always did – and developing collective memories and myths.
I spent the last months looking around what is going on in the internet – though i also made something else in the while -, in search of somebody working on education, and the almost 90% of what i got, is coming from non profit organizations, head-quartered above the equator… and they all come from the main and the biggest college schools in the anglophon side of the world – except for some african countries (that are supposedly losing their local heritage, now under the strike of infiltrating telecommunications, geared to design a sort of Global Citizenship).
I am very much worried about what is left aside.
What about the minorities? What about the latin or slavic speech countries?
Are they also going to be in some way absorbed in the e-learning, web-based, knowledge global market? Would’nt they have the right to be left alone in their maybe anachronistic, asyncronic but authentic life-styles?

The fagocitating power of comunication wich UK and USA behold does’nt seem to me matching perfectly with the idea of dialogue, for the simple reason that the so called “emerging economies” (India, South Africa, Brasil, China and others) are, at the present time, still subjugated under the strain of necessity and, moreover, because they are not in the position to treat and deal as peers with hard international settlers, as the NGOs, operating across the world.
Nations, actually, are being beset by the corporate investment dinosaurs, dressed in a friendly and democratic suit. Remember the Google quote: “dont’be evil!”? Do you think that was seriously accountable? There’s plenty of such good-looking philosophy in the global education projects, but it’s no more than a “focusing illusion”.
It is my firm decision to testify for this claims, posting on this blog, from time to time, all the clues that i find.
I will help you to see the weak points of the mainstream, in order to foster people’s doubts.
Since my personal long term experience in philosophical studies, i consider my self a heir of the once well known “School of suspicion” and a disciple of the less and less known “dim thinking”.

Stay tuned, guys!


It’s not a surprise if the core elements of the western public administrations are slowly being dismantled, as for public education, in a similar way with the health care system, or the public tansportation: it’s a clear trend that will change the face of reality, from a top-down to a bottom-up organization model.

Single private institutions provide, often at the same time, teaching products and social care intervention in risky settings, like disadvantaged youth or incarcerated youth.

In future democracies, almost all activities – except, hopefully, the use of violence for security and detention – shall be disposables on the market: self organized connections between citizens and associations shall grow and integrate their offers, plunging into competition.

Until that day, watch for these traces left by organizations leading in the education market. They go from the simplest classic telesminars and e-learning platforms, until the more complete support for peer-to-peer learning. Some are online tools for teachers that whish to flip their classroom. Some are designed focusing on the student’s need, as for the 1-to-1 market, pushing further in the direction of a mass-customization of education.

«…Out of the classroom!» – the professor said.





It’s no more up to us to change the world, yet the world has already been changed by someone else, faster and smarter than us, and all we have to do now it’s just follow this change.

Beware of life-long learning!

Once, in the totalitarian governements and dictatures, school has been used by the regimes as a brainwashing-machine for building consensus and thus gaining control over the masses. Their mission failed anyway. But, if today, as an hypothesis, a new “superman” would be projected, the trasformation of society will be more accurate: the so-called brainwashing-machine of schooling will be adressed to a cross-age virtual classroom, that is to say: to both adults and children, including the whole society in itself, as if we all become eternal apprentices.

This change is going to involve all aspects of human life, as we learned it in the traditional school teaching systems. In order to make a soft transition between centralized school programs and the open universal access, it is necessary to bring knowledge and information to all social classes in every manner. Inclusion and open access shoul be, then, the crucial goals in this challenge.

For getting a first sample of the evolution of education, read this manifesto, and navigate toward Chicago.

I also suggest to take a tour here.